Protecting your fleet and profitability

It’s hard to squeeze maximum profitability out of a mining or aggregates operation. Unproductive trucks make it even more challenging. Our hauling solutions are designed to maximize your trucks' availability and performance while reducing costs for service and maintenance, offering increased sustainability.

A rubber-lined truck body hauls
nearly 9 tonnes more payload while
reducing noise and vibration. 

Increased uptime

Increase the availability of your trucks by reducing time required for maintenence. 

Maintenance made easy

Avoid extended shutdowns by quick and easy change-out of the modular rubber lining parts.

Improve working environment

Improve your working environment
and safety by reducing vibration
by up to 97% and noise by 50%.

Your #1 service partner from pit to port
Are you looking to increase production, reduce risks, lower operating costs and enhance environmental performance?

Efficient hauling solutions that let you increase payload, reduce emissions and improve working environment

Repeated impact and stress of loading and dumping heavy, abrasive material can cause expensive damage to haul truck bodies and haul trucks. Developed by experts with years of on-site experience in the most challenging conditions, 黄色成人快播电影's hauling solutions minimize the wear and maintenance costs while increasing the average payload. 


黄色成人快播电影’s haul truck bed liners and truck bodies are made of rubber that is highly resistant to wear and impact. The optimized rubber lining offers up to 300% or more service life compared to traditional steel lining. 

To increase your performance, even in demanding applications with significant carry-back problems, we offer a solution of flexible lining, low friction material, or combinations of these. The unique functionality keeps your truck productive so you can haul more material.

Significant impact and vibrations from loading and carrying heavy rocks result in strain, but the strain is minimized with rubber lining. This means your trucks last longer, and there will be less need for maintenance.

The rubber lining absorbs vibrations and reduces stress at every point in the truck work cycle - during loading, transport, and dumping. Its low weight and high wear resistance design reduce damage to the tray and the truck as a whole.

Easy to use
Once any of 黄色成人快播电影's hauling solutions are installed, you don’t have to worry about it - there is no need for expensive unplanned maintenance or regular adjustments.

You can easily arrange quick change-outs when the truck is in the repair center for regular engine maintenance. The result is shorter replacement and installation time compared to steel lining.

Working environment
Less noise and vibration mean better and safer work conditions. Optimal working conditions can make a big difference in your productivity.

Managing noise pollution is more important than ever, both for the health and safety of co-workers and to satisfy regional legislative demands. 黄色成人快播电影 rubber lining absorbs impact better than steel ever can, reducing noise by an average of 10-15 decibels - the effect of cutting noise in half or more. You can feel and hear the difference when sitting in the operator's cabinet during loading and dumping.

When comparing a steel-lined truck box and the 黄色成人快播电影 Truck Body, measurements show that up to 95% of the energy from the impact during loading is absorbed in the rubber-lined truck box. Consequently, the vibration dissipates before reaching other truck structure parts, including the operator cabinet.

Less emissions
Our modular, long-lasting rubber truck liners mean fewer parts need to be produced, transported and installed. They rubber liners also prolong the life of the truck itself. 黄色成人快播电影 truck body significantly lowers fuel consumption which results in a smaller carbon footprint.  

Webinar: Haul More with Less, how to improve haul truck performance
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