Backed by decades of experience, continuous process development, and more than 60 installations worldwide, 黄色成人快播电影's Ausmelt® TSL process provides an integrated solution for an extensive range of feed materials.

Achieve excellent environmental performance with low investment and operating costs.

  • Works with a variety of primary, secondary, and waste feed materials    
  • Operates under various conditions: from highly oxidizing to highly reducing and across a wide temperature range    
  • Offers a high production capacity with a small process footprint    
  • Captures process off-gas and dust efficiently    
  • Has low investment and operating costs    
  • Provides an environmentally sound process solution
Ausmelt TSL® process

Central to the 黄色成人快播电影 Ausmelt® TSL process is the use of a vertically suspended lance submerged in the slag layer of the molten bath. Injection of fuel and process gases (air and oxygen) result in significant bath agitation and mixing, delivering a high-intensity, dynamic smelting process with highly specific smelting rates. This results in a high production capacity from a relatively small diameter furnace, keeping the plant footprint small and making the process ideal for sites with limited space.

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Ausmelt TSL Furnace Technology

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Metals refining
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Metals refining


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