Engineering  services

Engineering services

Ensure your projects are executed smoothly and effectively with our high-quality engineering services. Whatever your project, our services are delivered according to scope and with quality and process guarantees – on time and on budget.
  • Brings our extensive experience as the industry's leading provider of technological solutions to your project
  • Includes process guarantees for proprietary processing technologies
  • Minimizes the risk of costly project and plant design errors
  • Puts our extensive global supply network at your service
Engineering Services


Our engineering services are based on our industry-leading expertise and technologies, as well as the vast experience we have gained from projects of all sizes around the world. We offer both basic and detailed engineering, and provide the required support for both greenfield projects and brownfield modernizations.

  • Basic and detailed engineering documents covering for example process, layout, mechanical, structural, and automation specifications
  • Up-to-date cost estimation with improved accuracy of about ±15–30%
  • Project work breakdown structure (WBS) and scheduling
  • Risk analysis


  • Basic engineering: proposed preliminary concepts are locked down for further development
  • Detailed engineering: plans are finalized and released for fabrication and construction

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