Research and Testing
With a unique portfolio of testing and process expertise as well as process simulation, 黄色成人快播电影 is a leader in the industry with advanced and reliable research capabilities. These help to predict and gather data to deliver optimized and sustainable flowsheets as well as support mining operations to improve recovery, resource efficiency and sustainability.

Unique know-how and leading process tools to help you reach your sustainability targets

Global network of testing and research centers

Over 120 years of experience with pilot and bench scale testing

Testing for mining, hydrometallurgy, industrial and aggregates applications

Research and test services include evaluation of ore deposits and types, mineralogical characterization, feed material testing, sampling, materials selection, analytical chemistry, and flowsheet development. Our experimental research is carried out in our specialized laboratories, for example our fluid dynamics laboratory and full-scale testing plant.

Benefits of testing:

  • Quick, reliable, and representative results that can be easily scaled up
  • Improves process understanding based on calculations, literature studies, and tests
  • Offers solutions from laboratory to pilot bench scale testing
  • Ensuring optimal product selection and flowsheet optimization
  • Ensures deep competence development in our key areas
  • Provides performance and research data to our simulation tool
  • Ensures optimal plant performance over the life of operation
  • Ensures high quality of our products
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