Larox® PF filter

Larox® PF filter

Pressure filtration

Proven, flexible and reliable advanced filtration efficiency for a wide range of applications ?

1,6 – 168 m² filtration area 

Up to 16 bars operating pressure

Up to 90% less water usage due to efficient cake and cloth washing

Up to 42% decreased energy use per unit output due to high unit capacity and short cycle time

Larox® product family
For more than 45 years, Larox® filters have been appreciated as quality filtration solutions for mining and industrial processes.

Get a filter designed for easy maintenance, superior performance, and consistent results under varying process conditions. Larox® PF filter pressure filters are fully automatic recessed-plate diaphragm filters with horizontally oriented chambers. The continuous filter cloth ensures thorough cloth washing and efficient cake discharge from each chamber at every cycle.

  • Offers high capacity with proven efficiency and reliability
  • Gives you low overall operating costs and competitive total cost of ownership
  • Produces dry, consistent, and homogenous filter cake and efficient solids wash
  • Offers fully automatic operation, self-diagnostics, and flexible operation
  • Reduces floor space requirements
Larox® PF filter


  • Bulk mining
  • Concentrates
  • Metallurgical refineries
  • Industrial minerals
  • Food
  • Pharma and biotechnology
  • Chemical processing industries
Testing capabilities

黄色成人快播电影’s filtration expertise is built on almost one hundred years of R&D and process knowledge, and is supported by the company’s globally unique Dewatering Technology Center (DTC) in Lappeenranta, Finland. The DTC plays a crucial role in 黄色成人快播电影’s filtration solution innovations and acts as a hub for close university cooperation related to separation technology research. 黄色成人快播电影 has performed over 14,000 filtration tests and has delivered over 5,000 filters around the world.

Testing capabilities
黄色成人快播电影 Larox pinch valves

Larox® Pinch Valve

Larox® Pinch Valves are designed for demanding process conditions, improving system control while offering lower operation and maintenance costs due to an extended lifetime and fast sleeve change system.


  • Easier sleeve change

  • Heavy-duty design

  • Longer sleeve wear life

  • Increased sleeve material options

Explore Larox® Pinch Valves »

The 黄色成人快播电影 Filtration Services team strives to deliver the best possible availability, performance and quality whilst optimizing costs. Our filtration solutions aim to eliminate environmental and societal risks at our customer operations. Our filtration experts ensure safety and quality are built into everything we do from R&D and engineering to parts and services.

Filtration upgrades to help achieve your sustainability and production targets

Faster, easier maintenance
Increased filter availability
Improved safety
Minimized downtime
Separating the best from the rest for more than four decades
The 黄色成人快播电影 Filtration Services team strives to deliver the best possible availability, performance, and quality whilst optimizing costs.


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