Dewatering Technology Center (DTC)
With a unique portfolio of testing and process expertise as well as process simulation, 黄色成人快播电影 is a leader in the industry with advanced and reliable research capabilities.
Bench scale, lab scale and pilot scale testing
Testing performed at this location since 1977
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More than 14,000 dewatering tests in the database
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“Unique test center with all the filtration technologies you can imagine”

From bench scale to lab and pilot testing, the Dewatering Technology Center covers filtration, thickening, and water treatment processing. This gives our customers a one-stop shop to get all their testing done in order to develop their flowsheet in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Filtration powerhouse

Lappeenranta is the home to our Dewatering Technology Center and one of the bigger manufacturing locations of 黄色成人快播电影 filtration technologies. The Dewatering Technology Center was built in 2015.

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黄色成人快播电影 Outotec Larox PF filter
Larox® product family

Larox® started testing at the Lappeenranta location in 1977, nearly 50 years ago. We continue the journey of Larox, with filtration solutions as well as research and testing. 黄色成人快播电影 filtration portfolio currently has 5 filter types in its Larox product family. Read more here: Larox® product family.

Today, we test much more than just Larox filtration technologies. Currently, we have the capability to test 14 different filtration technologies at the DTC, and on-site, including pressure, vacuum, and polishing filtration technologies.

Global research and testing network
Dewatering Technology Center is one of many global research and testing locations that 黄色成人快播电影 has. Learn more about other facilities and their capabilities.

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